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Robotics vs Ai

Robotics vs Ai

We want to tell you that Robotics and Artificial Intelligence are two different subjects but they have to be understood. When you have robots with artificial intelligence and you don’t have AI for robotics it is equally impossible and in fact currently missing more and more. First of all we will tell you what is robotics.

What is Robotics?

We can know robotics as an engineering branch of computer science. Machines are programmed without any human intervention. If there is a machine or the way an object is made, in which man does not do any work by his hands and he builds it only through robot, then where will it go robotics. Robotics is that branch of engineering and computer science, where machines are programmed without any human intervention.

Simply put, robotics can range from a simple, mechanical arm that assembles cars to something like Wall-E or Amazon’s upcoming Astro ‘Alexa on Wheels’ home robot. The use of robots is beneficial for humans to perform well, it can do many such tasks, which a human might not be able to do. A person will get bored, tired or both, and then mistakes will happen, but this is not the case in robotics.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence involves developing computer programming, it is considered a branch of computer science that requires human intelligence to learn algorithms, solve problems, solve problems, understand language, and deal with logical reasoning, in a systematic way. is designed from. At present, AI is used in many ways. In which AI algorithms are used in Google searches, Amazon’s recommendation engine and SatNav route finders, through the same. Most AI programs are not used to control robots

Many believe that AI is used to control robots, so AI algorithms are only part of larger robotic systems, along with sensors, actuators, and non-AI programming. All of them together are able to work together.

Are robotics and AI the same Thing?

Many people have the question, can robotics and artificial intelligence be the same thing. But let us tell you that both these things are different and work almost completely different in both the areas too. Both will have a day and a different look. Some people sometimes even get confused because of the overlay between the two. An artificially intelligent robot and or a combination of intelligence is a form of amalgamation of the two.

The robot uses artificial intelligence to autonomously navigate around the house, acting as the eyes and ears for the periscope camera. Robotic spaces can also navigate around furniture, but that same AI is also playing a bigger role. Let us tell you that robots are programmable and interact with the facts associated with it using sensors. They can be automatic or semi-automatic depending on their area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication. AI is a science that completely depends on machine learning and algorithms, they are built with many algorithms. If explained in limited terms, AI works on its decision making and reasoning.


We know that robotics and artificial intelligence are actually two different things, which you have just understood above. Robotics involves making robots while AI involves programming intelligence. Software robot is the term given to a type of computer program that operates to complete a virtual task.

It is not just a physical robot, as they only exist within a computer. The latest example of this is a search engine web crawler that roams the Internet, scanning websites and categorizing them for search. In this way, AI algorithms can also be included in one of its software robots and both of them are able to work together. 


Updated: October 15, 2022 — 2:06 am

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