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These 3 villages of India are considered to be the best tourism villages, if you are looking for peace, then definitely visit here

If you are fond of roaming and want to go to a quiet place, then you can roam in three villages of India. These villages have been nominated for the United Nations World Tourism Organization Award as Best Tourism Village.

If you are planning to go to a quiet area away from the daily tension and noise, then this time do not go to any tourist destination , but to the village. Yes, the villages we are talking about are not ordinary villages, they have got world fame. We are talking about Pochampally Village in Telangana, Kongthong Village in Meghalaya and Ladpura Khas Village in Madhya Pradesh . Last year, these three villages have been nominated for the United Nations World Tourism Organization Award in the category of Best Tourism Village. Know about the specialty of these villages here.

Pochampally village

Pochampally village in Nalgonda district of Telangana, about 40 km from Hyderabad, is known for its weaving style and ikat sarees. Pochampally is considered to be the city of silk, hence this village is also known as Silk City. There are 10 thousand harlooms in this village. The saris here are sent to many countries including India including Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Dubai, Europe and France.

Kongthong Village

Kongthong village, located about 60 km from Shillong, is very popular for its natural beauty and distinct culture. Apart from the natural beauty of the valley surrounded by beautiful mountains, waterfalls and deodar trees, Kongthong has a peculiar custom. The name of the child is not kept here. Whatever tune comes out of the mother’s heart at the time of birth, that tune is handed over to her. That child is called with the same tune throughout life. Less talk and more tunes are heard in the village. For this reason the village is also known as ‘Whistling Village’.

Ladhpura Khas Village

Ladhpura Khas village is in Orchha tehsil of Tikamgarh district of Madhya Pradesh. When the tourists coming to Orchha move towards this village, a different atmosphere is seen. The calm, pure and natural environment here attracts people towards it. Information about the ancient kingdom and remains of Bundelkhand is found in this area. Along with this, the culture here is also introduced through traditional food and clothing.

Updated: October 12, 2022 — 1:42 pm

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