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These are the 6 most beautiful and powerful women in the world

Know, who are the most beautiful women in the world, who wowed the world with their exploits.

Michelle Obama
Although Michelle Obama is proud to be the wife of US President Barack Obama, but Michelle has some of her own specialties that make her one of the most powerful women in the world.

The ‘Let’s Move’ campaign, which was to highlight the problem of child obesity, was carried out by Michel himself.

According to The Richest Online, Michelle focused on teaching millions of girls around the world in a 5-day Asia trip. Michelle’s name has also been included in the world’s 25 most inspiring women.

Not only this, in 2006, Michelle was named one of the 10 best dressed people in the world in Vanity Fair magazine. It is not surprising that Forbes includes her name among the 10 most powerful women in the world.


Yes, Shakira is also one of the most powerful women in the world. Colombian singer and writer Shakira has made many records. Even made the best selling record of the 21st century through the song ‘Hips Don’t Lie’.Shakira has also made the best selling World Cup record with ‘Waka Waka’. Shakira is the first person to have 100 million followers on Facebook. In addition, Shakira is also a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.Shakira is also associated with the Bayfoot Foundation to support the education system. Forbes has also selected Shakira among the 81 most powerful women in the world.

Angelina Jolie

Forbes has selected Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie among the 54 most powerful women in the world.Angelina Jolie came into the limelight when she got her ovaries removed to avoid the risk of cancer. Along with this, Angelina also came in the discussion during surgery due to increasing breast cancer cells. Angelina is also engaged in many social works.

Sofia Vergara

You will be surprised but Hollywood actress Sofia is also included in this list. Sofia has got the title of 57th most powerful woman in the world. Apart from this, Sofia Vergara is TV’s highest-paid actress.Some time back, Sofia, who was caught in the controversy, said that I can promote my films, promote my work but cannot share my personal life.

Taylor Swift

Pop singer Taylor Swift is also included in the list of beautiful and powerful women. Taylor is placing great emphasis on children’s literacy.Whether it is to come forward for LGBT rights or to take a step towards art education, Taylor is actively participating in every field.Taylor Swift, 25, was not only given the Big Help Award in 2012, but Taylor has also been voted the 64th Most Powerful Woman.


In 2014, Beyoncé was voted one of the top 100 celebs by Forbes, and a year before that, Beyoncé was voted one of the 21 most powerful women in the world. Nowadays Beyonce is engaged in many social works.

Updated: September 28, 2022 — 9:36 am

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